Red Honey – The Band

Bearing a sound dubbed as the secret love child of Johnny Cash and Grace Slick, Red Honey embodies a sound both nostalgically vintage and hauntingly catchy.  The band came together in 2010 as an evolution of Erika Jane & Remember the Bees?  “Music that puts you in the mood for the no-no-cha-cha”, winks Erika Jane, who writes, sings and plays guitar on most of the numbers.  Her rich vocals are supported by the intriguingly timely beats of Jarrod Perkins. Bass lines that make your heart dance by JP Hess and stylistic lead guitar of Jacob Fritz Waller.  Red Honey is about to release their first EP titled “Red Honey and the Velvet Stinger” recorded at Hill Creek Studios and mixed/mastered at Silver Mind Studios in Asheville, NC.

The sound is something like this: Rockabilly Vintage Country meets Desert Blues

Jarrod Perkins

As an only child living in the rural south, Jarrod Perkins had to keep himself amused. He learned to play the guitar at twelve years old, but his desire to form a one man band led to him the drums. After becoming an underground superstar in the Harry Potter music scene, Jarrod reconnected with his […]

JonPaul Hess

After nineteen years of listening to nothing but classical music, Kraftwerk, and “Wierd Al,”Jonathan Paul (JP) Hess, a classically trained pianist, was introduced to the bass guitar. JP has devoted himself to many bands on many instruments through the years. After an evening of drinks and songs on Erika’s back porch, JP became Red Honey’s […]

Erika Jane

Once upon a time a girl who had forgotten her voice, was given a guitar. She played that guitar all day and into the night and began to sing like she had as a child – freely, fearlessly and honestly. She named it Red Honey and the songs flowed out of her like a volcano.

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